Located in the heart of Florence, between the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, BATOG lies in the undisputed realm of the Florentine master craftsmen and it came to live from an idea of A. Roxana Batog, designer and milliner of Romanian origin, who has lived in Italy since the age of 19 and has studied millinery in London.

From her multicultural background and the continuous research and experimentation of new techniques and materials combined with her love for art, arises BATOG - Hand Made masterpieces that intertwine the boldness of English hats with the elegance and glamor of Italian high fashion...combines the art of Florentine hatters with the finest millinery techniques.

BATOG hats are bold and elegant, innovative, unconventional and easy to wear at the same time…Designed to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of every woman and strike the perfect balance between elegance, creativity and uniqueness.

Hand Made in Italy

Couture Headwear mostly for gala and ceremonies, entirely handmade in Florence using countless millinery tecniques.


Meticulous research of the finest and innovative materials.

 Perfection in every little detail and impeccable finish.

Unique Desigs 

Unique and creative pieces designed for the modern, bold and daring woman, who wants to stand out of the crowd, maintaining her femininity.


Roxana creates two seasonal collections a year– Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter –  but also capsule collections and private commissions for a wide range of customers.