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BATOG hats and headpieces are exquisitely handcrafted in Florence with love, passion and extreme focus on the perfection of details.

Our Atelier is situated between the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, in the heart of Florence - a place with a long history in hat making and with some of the best craftsmen in the world.

The Beauty of Details - Although everything is handcrafted according to the artisan tradition, I always make sure that every little detail and stitching is perfect. I aim to guarantee not only the quality of a handcrafted product but most of all the beauty and perfection of a COUTURE product.

A visit to the Atelier - is quite an Experience through which you can both try and buy the available models and create and customize your unique bespoke piece - the hat or headdress that highlights your personality and uniqueness.

You will enter a magic world, made of hats, fabrics, wooden shapes, feathers and veils. You will be able to see the stages of creating a couture hat or headdress… how each piece is hand-shaped on wooden blocks… how everything is cut and sewn by hand.






If you have chosen a custom hat you surely recognizes your uniqueness and aim to stand out. In order to create your custom hat, we fix an appointment in the Atelier that lasts about an hour and you will have the opportunity to try out many designs, understand which hat shape suits you best.

If you want a headpiece that completes your look for an event or ceremony, we decide together a design suitable for the occasion and the chosen dress. I have a large variety of fabrics in the Atelier, but  I always suggest to bring the dress you are planing to wear  for a perfect combination of color and design. I understand that sometimes this is not possible so in this case detailed photos of the dress and a fabric sample will be required.



In the event that you cannot come to the Atelier, I have developed a method through which I will guide you in choosing the most suitable design for you. I will introduce you into the magic world of couture-hats making and let you live an experience more realistic as possible though we are at a distance.




A Customized Hat goes from a minimum of € 300 and varies according to the techniques, the complexity and the fabrics used.

The average price is around € 400 / € 500



Once you decide the design, materials and place the order, it will take between 21 and 30 days to get the hat ready.

In case it’s URGENT and you need the piece sooner I will do my best to satisfy you.

Some orders, due to their complexity may require an intermediate fitting, as I always want to make sure the hat fits perfectly and that you are happy. The hat will be ready shortly after.

You can choose whether to come and collect it in the Atelier or receive it comfortably at your home.


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