Mission and Values

Our mission is to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of every woman with our sparkling and modern couture millinery!


 CREATIVITY - is the pillar of the brand . We love experimenting new shapes and fabrics to give you always a brand new design...something unseen and really special. 

PASSION - and LOVE for each and every hat and headpiece we make. We love madly this amazing art of millinery and do our best to  make every piece a special one.

FUN - is a serious thing here in Batog. Having a beautiful, relaxing and joyful atmosphere is one of our priorities.

OUTSTANDING - is our commitment to make each hat memorable! We choose the best fabrics, keep always learning new technics and give our best to create stunning and gorgeous pieces of art.

RAISE AWARENESS - We think that we are all connected as we are all part of the same world. Through some of our collections we try to raise awareness about the things happening around us on Earth, making the difference and doing our best to make this world a better place.